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Our Team

Corporate Support

John Zhong
Construction Manager/Director

John will attend project start up meetings, participate in monthly project reviews, manage project resourcing requirements, drive continuous improvement of the company’s procurement/ letting process, champion the company’s strategic focus on subcontractor relationships and monitor, track, manage and improve the company’s contractual compliance.

Molly Wang
General Manager Operations/Director

Molly works closely with General Manager Construction to ensure the overall delivery and quality of each unit’s offerings to clients and our local communities. Molly will be the base of all communications. She will continuously engage with client representatives, subcontractors and the project team.

Project Team

Joey Zhu
Estimator/Contracts Administrator

Joey will prepare estimate, BOQ, scope of works,tender documentation, procure pricing, assist in tender evaluation and provide ongoing commercial support in conjunction with the project team to service the head and subcontracts. He will assist the project team with head contract variations, internal variations, notice of delays, extension of time and other claims.

Carl Ryan
Site Manager

Carl will be responsible for managing communications between all stakeholders involved in the on-site development. Given his day to day operations of site, he will work with the project manager to communicate frequently with the client, ensuring project cohesion.

Tonggen Zhang
Leading Hand

Zhang will assist in supervising and co-ordinating subcontractors and Eastman site staff, setting out the works, attending site meetings, recording details as required and programming works. He will conduct daily reporting of site works as executed.

Siddarth Pillai
HSE Advisor

Sidd’s main responsibility is to implement the Project Safety Management Plan and procedures on site. He provides advice, training and support in site safety as well as consultation with work groups and subcontractors. As part of his role, Sidd completes regular site reviews and site audits to monitor and ensure company procedures are implemented and working effectively.